Brixton Market and Market Row

After checking out the fabulous  venues for Dominique and Tom’s wedding at Peckham and Brixton East, we took a stroll down to the  bustling Brixton covered marketplace.  This culturally diverse community is home to an amazing mix of fresh produce stores, clothing, jewellery, art and second hand furniture shops along with  pop up cafes, bars and restaurants….some on sidewalks or others merely a ” hole in the wall”.  Found a wonderful Champagne and Cheese shop in one of the cafes and bought some great cheese and a loaf for dinner. Time also for a cocktail for the girls and a locally brewed Brixton Beer for the boys.   No wonder Brixton has become a must visit destination for Londoners !  Even though it is probably not really on the map for tourists yet, it definitely should be!


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  1. Lynette Wilson says:

    How wonderful Nicole! I am already enjoying your posts and the interesting places you are visiting. It is always great to go to out of the way places and really see and experience the day to day life of another country. Dominique looks fabulous! Enjoy the lead up to the wedding!

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  2. Kathy F says:

    So pleased you found the champagne and cheese shop – sounds just like what I’d enjoy!! The market looks amazing – such a diverse range of things on offer. Definitely worth a visit on our next trip to London.


  3. nashell says:

    Brixton looks great Nicole, it


  4. nashell says:

    Oops, meant to say Brixton looks great Nicole, love the colour and the produce.


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