Lazy Sunday @ the Markets & Brockwell Park 

This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend and also the end of the summer holidays. We had a sleep in and then decided to take a walk Imagine our surprise to find right outside our front door, stallholders were setting up for the Sunday Markets in Herne Hill. We took a quick stroll through the markets and ventured in to Brockwell Park where there was a 10 km Fun Run going on.

After exploring the lower end of the park we returned to explore the markets a little further. We tried some coffee and a yummy lemon polenta cake.Then we bought an amazing selection of yummy pies, scotch eggs and gourmet salads for dinner.

We took a bus trip to Clapham Common to check out the Windmill Hotel which we plan to use as a base for the families for the Easter weekend of the wedding. The rooms were lovely and the setting opening on to the Common is perfect.

On our return we visited the Florence for a ” sundowner” before heading home for an easy dinner of gourmet foods purchased at the market that day.



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  1. Kathy F says:

    Lucky you! Imagine having a market like that outside your door – the breads and salads in particular look amazing. So do the pubs and the sundowner mind you! It’s a tough life for some, but someone has to do it. Enjoy on our behalf!


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