Tales on Moon Lane

Those of you who know me well know also that I am passionate about Children’s Literature. Imagine my delight at finding this delightful children’s bookshop just around the corner.  They had a fabulous “Where’s Wally” window display and inside they had at treasure  trove of children’s picture books including Anthony Browne’s latest …a storyline about Willy’s worries  following him as a cloud…very like our Mr Huff  and also a new title by Chris Haughton.


Perhaps the most exciting find was a new release , “Kitty in Boots” ,  by Beatrix Potter and illustrated by Quentin Blake. The text, found only recently, was her last work and she had only ever completed one illustration. Think having it illustrated by Quentin Blake is an appropriate choice. Check out the interesting back story to this text. I was thrilled to get a pre release copy as it is not officially available  until September 1st.








3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathy F says:

    Too jealous!


    1. nsprainger says:

      HI Kathy

      What a lovely Sunday it was. Herne Hill is charming. BTW have edited this post and added some more photos. Last night my app was playing up and I had to abandoned my post …shouldn’t have hit ” publish”. Today we are off to Greenwich.


  2. nashell says:

    What a gorgeous looking bookshop. So inviting! like something out of Willie Wonka.


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