Greenwich on Thames

After visiting the Royal Greenwich Observatory and the Meridien Line we travelled down to Greenwich Village on the River Thames to take in some more attractions in the culturally significant World Heritage  protected area. It is such a pretty little town with a true nautical feel of an old seafaring town.

As we approached the harbour we joined lots of Londoners who were out for a day’s entertainment with the Greenwich Markets, a beautiful old carousel, a Round the Twist  attraction and even a live Punch and Judy Show. 

By the harbour we saw the Cutty Sark on display. This unique clipper ship was built in the late 1860s for the Tea Trade with China and later became one of the fastest clipper vessels trading on the Wool  route between Australia and England.

We also checked out the foot tunnel under the Thames linking Greenwich and Poplar, where the Call the Midwives series is set …showing life in Londons East End during the post war period and 1950s.

From there we visited the Royal Maritime Museum housed in Greenwich Palace, built originally by Henry VII . What an amazing slice of history !

We took the bus back to Herne Hill via Peckham and East Dulwich. Time then for a cool ale at The Florence and a pizza back at Jim’s place. We have had amazing five days with Dominique and Tom. Sadly all the best things come to an end. Tomorrow we are off to Devon by train. We’ll  see the kids again at the end of the week.



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  1. Kathy says:

    Wow – such a busy day, Nic. You will need a holiday to get over your holiday!
    I’m so glad you have had a wonderful time with Dominique and Tom and have more time with them to look forward to before you head home.
    Loving your posts . Thanks!


    1. nsprainger says:

      About to arrive in Devon. Travelling by train first class. Very comfy


    2. nsprainger says:

      Weather is stunning and tonight River Cottage HQ. 😀More photos to add to these posts Wifi on train not suffice for uploads but at least have written my posts Hope you are not working too hard. LOve to Trudie and all the girls


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