Greenwich @ the Meridian Line

On Bank holiday Monday we joined a host of locals to visit Greenwich environs. We purchased some delicious gourmet sandwiches and rolls in Gail’s bakery, Blackheath and headed for Greenwich Royal Park for a picnic lunch.img_0404

From here we had a long, but flat walk for Geoff, across the park and down an elegant avenue  to the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Flamsteed House and the GMT Meridian Line. At the entrance we saw the Shepherd Gate24 hour clock and the offical Imperial Standard Measures of  length.

From our vantage point atop the hill we had an amazing view of the Greenwich Naval College below and beyond to the Thames with the city of London. SO glad Dominique & Tom had planned our trip so we didn’t have to climb that hill to get here;)

Geoff is doing amazingly well walking, getting on and off buses and trains. When things get a little too much we’ve been able to supplement with UBER taxis …really efficient service, clean taxis and courteous drivers.



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  1. nashell says:

    Great view and I love the official measures

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    1. nsprainger says:

      Learning my way around WordPress on the iPad. Hope it looks good on a MAC !


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