We meet the Jarvis family

During the past weekend we had the privilege of travelling north to Hull to meet Tom’s family. We had a wonderful time meeting Tom’s Mum and Dad, Pat and Bob, his sister Katie and brother Ben and their families. Throughout the weekend we experienced their wonderful hospitality including lots of Yorkshire tea and lovely meals!Pat and Bob were so friendly and made us feel right at home. The stars of the weekend were their two delightful granddaughters Phoebe (3 years) and Martha (2 years) They were so full of life and energy and obviously loved being the centre of attention
On Friday evening we took in some of the Freedom Festival. There was quite a crowd in the old town by the marina watching entertainers on various stages as well as roving entertainment too – a precursor to Hull’s upcoming year as Great Britain’s City of Culture for 2017.

On Saturday morning we went to Beverley, a charming Yorkshire market town, only about 7 miles away. Unfortunately it was raining but we still managed to check out some of the stalls. Geoff tried some fresh pork pies and we bought some amazing sunflowers for Pat. The sunflowers were unlike any I had seen before with giant fluffy heads and are called “Giant Sungold” They looked very impressive in a vase so hopefully they will be long lasting. Dominique and I spent time browsing a charming antique shop and we all took in some refreshments at a typical English tea shop.

That evening we had dinner out at Marrakesh, a Moroccan restaurant. Food was wonderful. We spent much of Sunday with Tom’s family sharing stories, getting to know one another and sharing Dominique and Tom’s wedding plans. The whole weekend just flew by.

Thanks Pat and Bob for your gracious hospitality. We look forward to meeting again next year in London at Easter for a wonderful family celebration.


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