We ♥️ Paris: Grand avenues, gardens and galleries

We are delighted to be in Paris. We spent the first three days at an intimate boutique hotel, Le Petit Paris which has only 20 rooms and is located on Boulevard St Jacques in the St Germain area and also close to the Pantheon. The staff were so friendly and the decor elegant. In the guest lounge downstairs tea and coffee was always available and there was complimentary afternoon tea complete with pastries and cake. In the evening drinks were available – an ‘honesty’ bar where you could choose from a variety of wine, spirits, champagne or juices etc. The rooms were beautifully decorated with elegant layering of patterns and textures in all the wallpapers and textiles. Très chic!

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From the hotel we were able to explore nearby cafes, restaurants and bars. There were also lots of fabulous boulangeries, patisseries, fromagieres and boucheries. The streets were bustling and the traffic chaotic, but the French have been gracious and welcoming wherever we have been.

We spent time in the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens. THe exquisite gardens are so popular with locals and tourists alike and beautifully maintained.

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We took an Uber to the Tuilleries and L’Orangerie Gallery where there are two large circular galleries featuring a total of 8 giant canvasses showing the famous Waterliles paintings from his garden in Giverny . The colours are stunning as Monet experimented with capturing the colours he observed in different lighting conditions across the day from dawn to sunset.

The gallery also features a wonderful collection of Monet’s fellow artists of the Impressionist and Post Impressionist movements such as Renoir, Cézanne Manet, Matisse and Marie Laurencin.

We also visited the Rodin Museum and Sculpture Garden, adjacent to the beautiful golden domed “Des Invalides” . The gardens were much as I remember from a previous visit but the museum has been significantly improved being redecorated and housing many more exhibits of Rodin’s work. If you are a classical sculpture this museum is a must see.

One of the most enjoyable meals we have shared was in a traditional French restaurant called Le Peraudin. The service was friendly and the food delicious food including a delicious dessert, Tarte Tatin with Creme Anglaise.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathy F says:

    Looks amazing Nic! Very jealous back here!!


    1. nsprainger says:

      We are enjoying our cruise Busy though!


  2. nsprainger says:

    We are having a fabulous time. RIver Cruise is wonderful. Internet slow which is slowing down my blogging but we are loving Burgundy. Provence next


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